Bladder Của Bồn Foam

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Mô tả : Material:neoprene with  polyester reinforced

Equipped inside bladder tank to store foam concentrate and isolate foam concentrate from water

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The bladder bag is the accessory of foam bladder tank, which is a compressible bladder. It is used to store foam concentrate and isolate water. When pressurized water flows into tank to press bladder, foam concentrate was forced out from outlet.


The bladder is made of high strength neoprene rubber with polyester reinforced. The junction between each part was applied the hot melting technology, which guarantee enough strength, reliability and stability for these junctions. This kind of material has high performance of corrosion resistance and anti-aging, making it has a life time


We make available customized design for our clients. That is to say, we can make any sizes of bladders as your drawing or requirement.

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