Bồn Foam

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Mô tả : Bothe horizontal and vertical are available
Device Including:
1. pressure tank
2. bladder
3. pressure type proportioner
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Foam Bladder Tank, Pressure Type Foam Proportioning Unit (PHYM )


Foam bladder tank is used to provide foam solution for foam system. It mainly consists of pressure tank, rubber bladder, proportioner, control valves, pressure gauge and pipelines. High-pressure water is needed to swap out foam concentrate from bladder in the tank as a certain proportion. Foam concentrate then mixed with pressurized water and become foam solution. Bladder is separated from pressurized water that it can be utilized next time if not finished. Besides, there is feed inlet to refill or change foam concentrate for the tank.


When pressurized water flows through foam proportioner, a small part of water (3%~6%) flows into tank from water inlet and press bladder to swap out equal foam concentrate and then mix with another part of water (97%~94%) in proportioner. Foam solution flows out from proportioner outlet and was distribute to pipelines.


The unit usually constitutes foam spray system and low/high expansion foam extinguishing system with pipelines, foam generators or foam nozzles. This unit provides foam solution for these systems through pipelines which are distributed in all destination areas and they are connected with generators or foam nozzles. The system works once a fire happens somewhere and solution was transported to destination area through pipelines. Thus destination area gets foam solution to put out fire by foam generators or foam nozzles.

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